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tutorial ruby

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:46 am
This course is intended for all the curious who want to learn programming, and coders who want to learn a new language. Here, you'll discover Ruby, a programming language that was created by a Japanese computer scientist in the 1990s, with one goal in mind: to make life easier for developers with simple syntax and tools that are fun to use.

Whether you have programming skills or not, you can take this course where you will learn how to manipulate Ruby's core tools and powerful "objects".

Once you have mastered these notions, you will have all the cards in hand to go further and realize your own projects, for example:

a "Bot" Twitter or Facebook, program that automatically posts in a feed;

a little game with a text interface;

scripts to automate some repetitive tasks and simplify your life;

a website with the Sinatra or Ruby on Rails framework

Part # 1 - Discover the basics of Ruby
1. Why Ruby?
2. Install your tools
3. Start using variables and simple objects
4. Store your data with tables and hashes
5. Make beautiful curls with iterators
6. Check the flow with the conditions
7. TP: View Data with a Ruby Script
Quiz: Quiz 1
Part # 2 - Enjoy the powers of Object Oriented Programming
1. OOP, what is it?
2. Classes
3. The methods
4. TP: Handle a Class Instance
5. Group classes with inheritance
6. Compose more complex objects
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