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tutorial ruby - Start using variables and simple objects

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:12 pm
I take advantage of these first moments of the course with the console to share two small tips that may be useful throughout the course:

to empty the contents of the console, you just have to type Ctrl+ Lon your keyboard (it is a shortcut for the control clear  of the console).  

to exit the IRB, type exit in your console.

In summary :
To run Ruby code directly in your console, you need to use the  Ruby console called IRB (Interactive Ruby)  by typing the following command:

Then type the Ruby command that you want.

A variable is a kind of " box" in which content  can be stored in different forms: a number, a string (or string ) ... and many other forms that you will discover later in this course !

Operator is used =  to store an object in a variable, for example:
cadeau = "bon pour un voyage autour du monde".
It is said that one assigns a value ("good for a journey around the world") to a variable (gift).

Mathematical operations can be performed on variables containing numbers. For example, the age_de_ruby following variable :
age_de_ruby = 2015 - annee_de_naissance_ruby  
will contain the value 20  (and yes, Ruby has all the future ahead of him : D).

Variables containing strings can be grouped using the operator +  : we say we are  concatenating . For example, the message  following variable :
message = "Bravo, tu as reçu un " + cadeau + " !"
will contain the value "Bravo, tu as reçu un bon pour un voyage autour du monde !"
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