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on Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:53 am
Inserting data into a table is done using the INSERT INTO command. This command allows the choice to include a single line at the existing base or multiple lines at once.

Insert one row at a time

To insert data into a database, there are 2 main syntaxes:

Insert a line indicating the information for each existing column (respecting the order)
Insert a line specifying the columns you wish to complete. It is possible to insert a line specifying only a part of the columns
Insert a row specifying all the columns
The syntax for filling a line with this method is as follows:

INSERT INTO table VALUES ('value 1', 'value 2', ...)
Insert multiple rows at a time

It is possible to add multiple rows to an array with a single query. To do this, use the following syntax:

INSERT INTO client (first name, last name, city, age)
 ('Rebecca', 'Armand', 'Saint-Didier-des-Bois', 24),
 (' Aimée ',' Hebert ',' Marigny-le-Châtel ', 36),
 (' Marielle ',' Ribeiro ',' Maillères', 27),
 ('Hilaire', 'Savary', 'Conie-Molitard', 58);
Note: when the field to be filled is of type VARCHAR or TEXT you must indicate the text in single quotation mark. On the other hand, when the column is a numeric such as INT or BIGINT there is no need to use a quotation mark, it is enough just to indicate the number.

Such an example on an empty table will create the following table:
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