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tutorial Python - Application project assigned during interview in a different language

on Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:08 pm
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I interviewed for a junior level C# developer job. After my technical interview they sent me assignment to build a GUI application in python that will take a csv file and convert to a sql database. The program should then query the data. I had 3 days to complete and turn in the assignment. I was able to learn python (although still junior at it) and complete the assignment in two days.

My question is: Why would they assign me something knowing that I have never programmed in Python? Also, Python isn't even in the job description.....


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Versatility is more of an asset than inflexibility.

You were given a difficult task, but able to complete it within the timeframe required, to the best of your ability, seemingly without complaint. That's something that displays your value to the company.

Or... they could have been using your labor for a cheap and easy project, but I'd put my money on the former
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